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Sit Down Forklift (3 and 4 wheel)

Three Wheel:

Because of its ability to turn tight circles, a 3-wheel forklift is the best choice for working in compact spaces.

Operating on the same principle as a normal counterbalance machine, a three-wheel forklift also has a single drive wheel located at the center rear of the lift.

The front wheels provide the drive property, while the rear wheel allows for steering and turning 90-degree turns. This steering control makes for easy maneuvering, enhancing the forklift’s overall productivity in tight spaces.

A three-wheel forklift is often considerably lighter in weight than its counterpart the 4-wheel forklift, which is ideal for lifting heavier loads.

Forklift, Telehandler, Boom Lift, Scissor Lift, Pallet Jack, Case, Clark, Hyster, Caterpillar, Cat, Warehouse,

Four Wheel:

A four-wheel forklift offers similar maneuverability of a three-wheel forklift, along with increased comfort for traveling longer distances.

With two front wheels and two back wheels, the machine is counterbalanced, allowing for maximum safety and excellent turning operations. Although slightly less suitable than a three-wheel forklift for turning, a four-wheel forklift can nonetheless make tight turns and can be maneuvered in small spaces.

As four-wheel forklifts are counterbalanced and come in higher capacities, they are suitable for transporting and lifting heavier loads than three-wheel forklifts.

Forklift, Telehandler, Boom Lift, Scissor Lift, Pallet Jack, Case, Clark, Hyster, Caterpillar, Cat, Warehouse,

Forklift Tire Types:

Forklift tires are available in three types: Cushion, Solid Pneumatic and Air Pneumatic.

Cushion Tires:

Cushion Tires are composed of solid rubber and are directly pressed onto the wheel. They sit lower to the ground and offer a smaller turning radius, which provides an advantage in maneuverability. Cushion Tires are primarily suited for indoor or paved applications use as they can struggle on uneven surfaces like gravel.

Solid Pneumatic Tires:

These are designed of solid rubber, much like a cushion tire and are the most common tire on the market today. Solid pneumatic tires are commonly used for a combination of indoor and outdoor applications. However, solid pneumatic tires do not offer the same comfortable ride a cushion tire does across paved surfaces. The initial investment is higher, but they are practically indestructible and have a very long life.

Air Filled Pneumatic Tires:

These are designed of rubber, but are air filled much like a car or truck tire. They have a deep tread and are made of strong, long-lasting rubber material. These tires are better for rough, outdoor terrain.

Popular Forklift Attachments:

Side Shifters

enable the operator to move the load left and right without moving the forklift. This allows the operator to place the load exactly where they require it.

Side Shifting Fork Positioners

enable the fork spread to be adjusted from the driver’s seat eliminating the need to manually adjust the forks.

Mast Height:

Forklift mast options focus on the available ceiling height as well as the current or future racking system. Some companies learn their mast height is too low while other have too much, putting them at risk for hitting overhead obstructions like doorways, ceiling fixtures or conveyors.

Fuel Types:

Liquid Propane – Electric – Gasoline – Diesel

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